Women should freeze OVARIES – not eggs – if they want to protect their fertility, study claims

  • Study says ovarian freezing is a better option than IVF for older women looking to have children 
  • More than a third of women who freeze ovarian tissue go on to have a baby 
  • Ovarian freezing is only available in Britain right now for medical reasons, but American women can use it to have a child at an older age
  • Authors claim the procedure shoule be looked at for healthy women too 

Women should freeze their ovaries rather than their eggs to save their fertility, experts claim.

More than a third of women who freeze ovarian tissue go on to have a baby, a study has found. The authors say ovary freezing, only currently available in Britain for medical reasons, should now be looked at for healthy women too.

Egg freezing, which costs $10,000-$12,000 in the US (around £5,000 in the UK), has been done by almost 4,000 women afraid of running out of time to have a baby.

But it means returning to a clinic for IVF, while women who are past the age of menopause need hormone replacement therapy to have a child with their own eggs.

Freezing ovarian tissue goes much further by offering older women the chance to turn back the clock, reverse their menopause and get pregnant naturally without the need for fertility treatment.

The study from New York Medical College found almost 38 percent of women had a baby after ovarian freezing.